Creative Hairstyles for Children

One of the best things about being a child is the freedom to wear almost anything! Kids love to experiment and play with funky new styles. To them, hair is just another opportunity for self-expression. Check out some of these ideas to help kindle that creativity.

  • Hair dye. Boys and girls alike love to show off their favorite colors in their hair. There are several methods to give them the colorful look they’re going for. Check out temporary hair dyes for a safe option. You can also make your own dye from Kool-Aid. If you’re looking for the safest, most temporary option, you can find clip-ins for that perfect hint of color.
  • A different cut. One of the best things about hair is that it grows back. Some over-enthusiastic children with dreams of being a hairstylist one day have found that out after taking a pair of scissors to their own locks. Why not give your child a stylish haircut before they take matters into their own hands? A short bob or a fauxhawk are just some of the many options to try.
  • Braids for days.  Braids are a favorite of many parents. This style takes a bit of practice, but the payoff is worth it because there are so many styles that can be accomplished with even rudimentary skills. Braids are great for kids, not only because they can last a couple of days, but also keep your child’s hair safe from getting caught on/in things while they play.

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