Tips – Winter Gear

The best way to ensure your child stays warm is to dress them properly before leaving home.

  • Avoid any drawstrings on clothing as it can become a choking hazard. Replace with Velcro instead.
  • Gloves, hats, and socks get wet and lost easily so be sure to pack extra replacements.
  • When looking to purchase new winter clothing, look for an internal lining of some sort that has an elastic band which can go over the gloves and boots, allowing you to create a better barrier against getting snow on bare skin.
  • Winter clothing often come with a temperature rating. Usually, you will see this on coats, gloves, and boots. This can help you compare which items are the warmest choice. Go for mittens over gloves, because the fingers are kept together and warmth is shared between them.
  • When children play outside, they are usually having so much fun that they forget it is cold and ignore the signs they need to warm up again. Take breaks from playing to make sure clothes are still on securely and that their inner layers, socks, and gloves are dry.
  • Winter clothes can be expensive. Save money by shopping in December when stores start to clear out their winter inventory to make room for spring styles. This is a great time to purchase this and next year’s gear.
  • Even on a cold winter day, the sun’s rays can still shine and reflect off the snow. Children should still wear sunscreen when going outside.
  • Choose material that is moisture wicking for layers that touch the skin, so sweat does not make them damp. Avoid anything 100% cotton.
  • Kids lose water through their breath in dry air. You can entice them to come inside and hydrate with soup or hot chocolate which will not only warm them up but also give them another reason to come in later when they have to go potty.

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