Great Shows for Kids

Finding good children’s programming is quite a task. Check out some of these highly rated shows to watch with your little ones.

There are so many kid’s shows nowadays; it’ll make your eyes cross. Besides what you find on cable, there’s also streaming services that have their own original programming to consider. It seems simple enough to turn on cartoons for your little one’s viewing pleasure, but that isn’t a good idea either considering how many adult cartoons there are now. We’re here to help though and have picked some great shows for every age group.

Children under three

Sesame Street

There probably isn’t a parent out there not familiar with the big yellow bird, and who can forget Elmo? There’s a reason this show has been around since 1969. Sesame Street teaches children lessons on everything from counting and recognizing colors, to integrity and being a good friend.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins is an animated show staring 6-year-old Doc who plays doctor to her toys. Treatment usually involves procedures like re-sewing a seam or changing batteries. Children learn basic hygiene such as hand washing and how to have a positive attitude despite difficulty from young Doc. The shows focus on an African-American family where the mother works, and the father is a stay-at-home dad also teaches children about diversity.

Children between four and seven


Children have been enjoying this PBS program since 1996. The show follows Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, on his everyday adventures. Children learn conflict resolution skills by watching Arthur resolve issues with friends and often his younger sister DW. Many kids enjoy this show’s style of teaching because it doesn’t feel like they are being taught a lesson, but instead learning as Arthur does.

Odd Squad

The Odd Squad is an organization run by children who solve mysteries using math and science. Children watching this live-action series can expect to learn how to solve even the most elusive problem while keeping a positive attitude and how to be a part of a team with the occasional healthy competition.

Children eight and older

The Muppet Show

The Muppet Show is another program that parents probably remember from their childhood and is are just as relevant today. For those not familiar with the show, it stars a cast of puppets, the most familiar being Kermit the Frog, who put on a show with a real-life human guest star despite various hijinks. Although mostly a comedy show of slapstick humor, there are lessons to be learned such as developing character strengths and teamwork. If you want to watch a more updated version of the Muppets with more recent guest starts there was a reboot of the show called The Muppets that ran from 2015 till 2016.


Although not marketed as a children’s show, it certainly is entertaining for your older kids. Besides some mild violence and swearing, this is a fine choice for kids. In each episode, the stars of the show, Jamie and Adam, along with other staff members use science and math to test various myths and urban legends. The cast chooses a myth, puts it to the test and then depending on the outcome, declare the myth as either “busted,” “plausible,” or “confirmed.” Examples of myths tested include dodging a bullet, a penny dropped from a skyscraper being fatal, and if you can really cook a meal beneath the hood of a car. The cast explains the process of experiments in a way simple enough for children to understand or at least be able to look up later for more information.

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