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Bath Time Tricks

Oh, the dreaded bath time. It’s no fun for you or your kid sometimes. Try some of these tips and tricks to make the time faster and easier for everyone involved.

Get everything you need ready

This one may seem obvious, but sometimes we get so busy and caught up with trying to get the little one ready for the dreaded task we forget to take the time to make sure that everything you need is within easy reach. There is nothing worse than realizing you forgot the comb when your child’s hair is full of shampoo. So instead, try a shower caddy to put all the things you know they will need into, so you don’t have to shuffle at the last minute to get them all.

Entertain them

What child hasn’t played with toys in the bath? Sometimes those toys just aren’t enough. To combat boredom try rotating their toys every so often, so it’s like a long-lost friend every time they see their favorite toy come back into rotation. You can also sing songs or tell stories. You can use an audible of a child’s story to give them something else to focus on while you concentrate on getting them clean. Another fun tool is bath bombs. Like bubble bath, those colorful, frizzy things mystify kids and can be just what you need to distract them.

Keep them warm

It can be tough to keep your little one warm throughout the entire bath time. But the less they feel a cool breeze, the less likely they will become cranky. Some things you can do is keep warming the water, bring in a space heater (keep this is far from the tub) and even warm up their towel when it’s time to dry off in a towel warmer.

Get comfortable

Bare knees and tile floors are not a good match by any means. Some inexpensive knee pads, a folded towel or even a shower chair/stool should make your time a little more comfortable.

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