Fun Activities for a Snow Day

Snow Day

Snow Day

Possibly kids favorite phrase, “snow day,” can really put a damper on your day if you aren’t prepared to entertain them.  Check out some of our ideas to keep them busy.”

Who doesn’t love a snow day? You might not if you always find yourself at a loss on what to do with your energetic little ones. Worry no more, just keep reading for some helpful ideas on what to do.

  1. Don’t let this day off from school be one off from learning altogether. Go online and find science experiments from items you already have in your home. Also, see our recommendations for easy science experiments for kids here.
  2. Getting outdoors and playing in snow is almost a requirement for a snow day. Besides the traditional snowball fight, building snowman and sledding, try coloring the snow. It’s easy to do with some spray or squirt bottles filled with water and food coloring. Your kids will have a blast with the colorful snow and it adds a fun twist to any snowman.
  3. Try a new recipe. Baking, in particular, is a lot of fun when you’re stuck inside. Let your children do as much of the work as possible to keep them engaged.
  4. You don’t have to go to the library to borrow a book. Check out digital storybooks from your smartphone or tablet. Simply visit your library’s website to see what service they offer.
  5. Fresh, clean snow can also make a delicious treat. All you need is snow and something to flavor it with. Try lemon juice and sugar or any cold juice. Experiment with different flavors and see what everyone prefers.
  6. For your children that are old enough, let them burn off energy by shoveling snow. They can also do a kind gesture by shoveling your neighbor’s driveway and sidewalks too.
  7. An indoor fort is fun any time of year. Get their imagination going by pretending it’s an igloo. You can do everything from your igloo. Watch movies, read books and get cozy.
  8. Catch up with grandparents. If you can, video chat them to say hello or have the kids make them a special drawing to send off in the mail.
  9. Do you need a little time to get some work done, but don’t want to stick your child in front of the TV? Have a treasure hunt instead. Hide a prize for them to search out and give them an occasional hint, or draw a map to the treasure.
  10. It may be snowy outside, but inside it’s completely dry. Fix that by making paper snowflakes. Coffee filters work great here because of their round shape and sheerness.

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