How to Match Parent and Children Outfits

Matching parent and child outfits make everyone happy. Kids get to look like Mommy or Daddy and parents can finally be as stylish as their children.

Parent and child matching outfits are a ton of fun, and especially great for family photos. A lot of retailers actually sell matching sets, but these are often difficult to find and not an exact fit for both of you.

Instead, try correlating what you both wear. Choose simple colors that are easy to find anywhere. For example, it’s pretty easy to find a t-shirt and a pair of jeans in the same color at different retailers. Step it up a notch by adding a leather jacket and rolling the cuffs of the jeans. Do your hair in a similar style and add any accessories if you choose.

Next, see if you can match your patterns. Stripes and polka-dots look great, and usually, you can find black and white prints year-round. Feel free to wear the same print but different outfits. Maybe mommy wears a striped sundress while baby wears a sweater and jeans.

No matter how you decide to dress, remember that it’s supposed to be fun! Don’t force your children (or yourself) to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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