Six Great Gifts for a Baby Shower

If you’ve ever been invited to a baby shower the first thing you probably thought was, “What gift should I get?” This can be a tough decision, but we have a few ideas.

Not all baby showers are made equal. Sometimes the mommy is having their first child, others are already well experienced and have almost everything they need from previous pregnancies. Sometimes moms already know the gender of their child and have even picked out a name, other times they have no idea. Some showers are pre-birth, and others are post birth. All of these things can be taken into consideration when choosing what gift you should get.

A gift card

Although this seems impersonal, it can be perfect when you don’t know what the mother already has, what her tastes are, or what gender her child will be. Many people actually appreciate the ability to choose what the money goes to. Just be sure to give a reasonable amount.


Sometimes the gift of time is better than anything you could buy. Offer to babysit for mommy after the baby is born. This gives parents the opportunity to get out and have time together or just lets mom take a long nap knowing that her child is in good hands, free of charge! If you want to make it even more special, throw in tickets to a movie or a certificate to the spa for them to enjoy while you care for the baby.

Personalize it

Buying something off the registry is easy, and you can never go wrong because the parents have already picked out exactly what they want. Go the extra mile by having the child’s name engraved or embroidered on the item.


Something every child will need and parents seem to never have enough of is diapers. Mom is most likely going to get a ton of them at the party, so check out a diaper monthly delivery service that she can start whenever she’s ready.

Larger sized clothes

Besides diapers, baby clothes are a very common gift for new moms. However, most clothes are for infants and moms don’t get too many things in larger sizes. Grabbing a few larger outfits will really come in handy once the baby has outgrown the other gifts.

Baby books

From parenting books that offer practical advice to picture books they can read to their baby, books are great for two reasons. One, the most obvious reason is that parents will most likely read them. Two, books are great for décor. It’s like a two for one gift!

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