Choosing a Helmet

A bike ride should always include a helmet. Keep kids safe by choosing the right one.

Brain injuries are serious and can happen in a moment. Protect your little ones by selecting the right helmet. Here’s what to look for.

What type of helmet

Two of the best types of helmets are a traditional bike helmet and a skater-style helmet. Both are great choices but consider the following: the traditional helmets are lightweight and the venting is great for hot days. However, there is less coverage of the back of the head. The skater-style is good for kids who ride bikes and skate but tends to move around and be sweaty.

Get it lightweight

Especially if you are choosing a helmet for a toddler, the helmet should be light and not putting too much pressure on their head. Softshell helmets are typically lightweight and make a solid choice for an everyday helmet.

Chose the right size

To find the size, measure around the largest portion of your child’s head then choose a helmet that matches that measurement.

Look for certification

You should be able to find a Consumer Product Safety Committee sticker inside the helmet.

Check the fit

The helmet should be tight enough to prevent it coming off if there is impact. Make sure that it also does not side forward or backward when your child moves their head. The straps should be snug but not digging into their shin, and when they open their mouth, the helmet should move with them.

Get a nice design

Although the ascetics of the helmet mean little to how well it will protect, letting your child choose a helmet they like may help encourage them to wear it, which is the most important aspect.

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