Safe Fireworks for Kids

Whether your child is afraid of fireworks or amazed by them, these spectacular explosions are a holiday tradition. Be sure to use good judgement when it comes to what you allow your little one to play with.

  • Although sparklers are arguably the safest “firework” for children, they are really best suited for kids seven and older. To prevent uncomfortable burns, instruct children to hold them away from their body and stand still. You can make it easier for them to hold by sticking the end of the sparkler that you don’t light through a paper cup and have your child hold the exposed portion underneath.
  • If it’s loud noise your kids are after, grab a box of Bang Snaps. As long as kids are throwing these little bundles of gravel at the ground, they are rather safe to use.
  • Another noisemaker with no explosion are Party Poppers. All your child has to do to get that satisfying sound is pull the string and out pops confetti. Again, be sure to instruct your child not to aim these at anything or anyone.
  • Pretty glow sticks are safe for your little one as long as they don’t chew on them.
  • Draw a sky full of fireworks on the ground with chalk!
  • Make some sparklers without the dangerous sparks. Just glue some strips of tissue paper to a straw and your good to go.
  • You can use pipe cleaners to make firework rings.
  • Have fun with sensory crafts. Take a porcupine ball, dip it in a little paint and let your child dab it onto a piece of construction paper. You can also add glitter to make it even more magical.


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