Crafts with Egg Cartons

Recycling egg cartons is good for the earth, but if you want to have a little fun with them first, try some of these easy crafts.

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These egg carton roses are so pretty and the step by step instructions make this craft a breeze.

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Mermaid dolls are great for decorating a little girl’s room.

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Get creative when you make these egg carton masks.


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This bird feeder will make you plenty feathered friends.




Cute craft ahoy! This craft would be a lot of fun at a pirate themed party.

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Make a totem pole with your child’s favorite animals with this craft.


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Need a fun craft to do while learning about marine life? Try this ocean life egg carton craft.


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Your kids will love these mini helicopters.


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Egg carton bugs are neither creepy nor crawly, but entirely adorable instead!


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Fairies need a home too! You and the kids can make one for them out of egg cartons.

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