10 Items That Should be on Your Back to School List

Parents love it, kids hate it, it’s back to school time! Kicking off the school year usually involves a trip to the store for back to school supplies. Here is our list of must-haves.

  1. A Colorful Calculator

    Math just got a little more fun.

  2. Scratch off Lunch Notes

    These scratch offs are a fun way to remind your little one how much you love them.

  3. Glow in the Dark Glue

    Who says glue has to be boring?

  4. A Personalized Pencil Case

    This Snoopy pencil case is perfect for all your child’s pens and pencils.

  5. Disinfecting Wipes

    Let’s face it, kids are basically bacteria magnets. Help stop the spread of germs by giving them something easy to do.

  6. Label Maker

    Who knows why kids lose things so easily, this easy-to-use label maker should at least help cut down on those missing items.

  7. Scented Erasers

    Mistakes happen but these cute erasers make up for it.

  8. A Unique Backpack

    These 2D backpacks really stand out.

  9. Crayons

    Get all of the colors of the rainbow and then some in this box!

  10. Fidget Cube

    Move over fidget spinner! This Fidget Cube has 6 sides to keep fingers busy and minds free to learn.

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