Benefits of Sunscreen as the Weather Cools

Just because it isn’t hot outside, doesn’t mean the suns rays are harmless. Stay safe and wear sunscreen!As the weather cools and you’re wearing more clothes, sunscreen is probably the last thing on your mind as you leave home every day. But regardless of the how little sunshine you see, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, “Up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays can penetrate clouds.” This means you and your children should still wear some form of sunblock.

It can be challenging to get your kids to put on sunscreen but if you make it a habit early on they become accustomed to it and it won’t be such a struggle as they get older. A moisturizing sunscreen can be appealing on its own because of the dry, uncomfortable conditions of winter weather. Be sure to get those easy to forget places such as ears, neck and under the chin. That last area is especially important when you consider that “Snow reflects up to 80 percent of the UV light from the sun, meaning that you are often hit by the same rays twice.”

Just like in the summer, kids are out playing and working up a sweat. Remember to reapply to exposed skin throughout the day and allow time to set, roughly 30 minutes.

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