Five Ways Your Family Can Honor Veterans

Almost everyone knows someone who has served our nations military. If you don’t know someone directly, we are all still grateful for their service. Here are some ways you can celebrate Veterans Day with your children.

1) Write thank you letters to Veterans. Have your children draw a picture that represents why they are thankful for the veteran’s service. Maybe they can draw the American flag, or some of the rights that we enjoy as Americans. This should also encourage some great dialogue with your children.

2) Buy small gifts to give to anyone you see in uniform. It could be a nice treat, something handmade, or a useful trinket. If you are having trouble finding people, visit restaurants offering discounts to Vets, a local VA Hospital or Veterans Home.

3) Send a care package to our troops. Check for a wish list and where to send a completed package.

4) Start a savings to donate every year to the local VA. Decorate a container to specify as your contribution to our armed forces. Every year on Veterans Day you can turn in everything you collected in the previous year.

5) Make or take a Veteran dinner. It can be a family member or a neighbor. Be sure to thank them for their service.


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