Great Items to Bring for Show and Tell

Show and tell is a fun part of growing up. If your child is struggling to find something to bring the “wow” from their classmates, check out the list we’ve compiled from suggestions across the web.

A small pet- Ensure they are in a proper cage and that their teacher/school is okay with it. If they can’t bring the pet, a picture may do the trick.

Souvenirs from a vacation- try and prepare a little speech about the item and where it’s from beforehand.

A craft- Anything special your child put effort into can be great for show and tell.

Something that represents their hobby- Wear their karate gi, bring in their stamp collection, or show off the trophies they won during baseball season. Whatever your child has to show off what they do for fun.

A good book- Your child can talk about their favorite book and why they think their classmates might enjoy it.

Their own baby picture- It can be a lot of fun for their class to see what they looked like as a baby.

A snack- help your kid make a special classroom treat to share with everyone. Their class will love it, and your child can talk about how they made it.

A favorite toy- What kid doesn’t love toys?

Items from nature- Pretty rocks, shells from the beach, bird feathers take a walk outside and see what you can find. Collect unique items and put them in a jar.

An X-ray- Kids are amazed by x-rays. An ultrasound also works well here.

Foreign money- Save some from a recent trip or see if your bank can supply it.

A talent or skill- Has your child just learned something new like how to tie their shoes or can say all the names of the planets in order? Let them demonstrate this newfound ability to their classmates.


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