Ways You and Your Child Can Stay Active

Looking for some fun ways to stay active? These ideas should get you moving:

Physical activity is vital for children because it not only helps them get out an abundance of energy but also keeps them healthy. Getting active with your children is a great way to build memories and stay in shape yourself. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Make a scavenger hunt, or find one online. Some of the benefits of scavenger hunts are that you can do them outside or inside; they inspire creativity and can be fun for all ages. Besides scavenging for things, you can make specific tasks apart of the hunt. Include some activity to add more movement into the game.

Find a sport or hobby. It’s great to play all sorts of sports but having one dedicated family sport that everyone gets into can create an exciting routine and gives kids the ability to gain skills for later. For example, if your child enjoys playing catch with mom and dad, they may want to sign up for a Little League when they are old enough. If your child has little interest in sports, there are hobbies they can try that involve going outside and being active. Check out something like flying kites or geocaching to see which one catches on with your family.

Skip the drive. Instead of piling into the car and heading to the park or the grocery store, take a walk to your destination. If the distance seems a bit too far, consider riding bikes. Not only will you be getting in some exercise, but you will also save gas.

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