Fun Easter Activities

Besides the classic egg dye and hunt, here are some fun ways to celebrate Easter.

Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny by Sugar and Charm


DIY Easter bunny by Pink Stripey Socks

DIY bunny bowling set by Handmade Charlotte

“This DIY Bunny Bowling craft is the perfect activity for Easter afternoon. I’d suggest making the pins beforehand, letting them perch around the house in preparation for the big day, and then playing a fun game of Bunny Bowl with family and friends on the front lawn after you get your fill of candy eggs.”

Don’t eat the peep by Thrifty Handmade Days

“Print out the game board (below) and disperse candy, cereal pieces, pretzel bites, anything you want.Have one person leave the room while the other players arrange the food on the board. One piece in each square. Everyone chooses 1 “peep” (square with candy on it).The person then comes back into the room and picks a square, one at a time, eating the candy. When he or she picks the “peep” everyone yells “Don’t Eat the Peep!” Continue until everyone has a turn. This game is best for younger kids.  They get into it and think it’s hilarious when someone eats the peep.”

Shaving cream marbled paper Easter Eggs by Typically Simple

“This is a great craft to make on a rainy (or snowy) day and the marbled paper technique can be used for other shapes, too!”

Paint filled eggs by Growing a Jeweled Rose

“We filled eggs with paint, and then tossed them at canvas to make the most amazing pieces of art! My kids had so much fun with this activity that you really must give it a try!”

Plastic egg tower game by Making Life Blissful

“For this game you will only need plastic colored eggs. Open all the eggs beforehand. Set the timer for one minute. Players start stacking the eggs as fast as they can. Players compete and see who can build the biggest egg tower in one minute. Depending on the amount of people, you may need a lot of plastic eggs. I like to buy them in bulk for cheap. You can get bulk orders of eggs from Oriental Trading Company or Amazon.”

DIY Easter Bunny Piñata by Studio DIY

“No cardboard cutting, no fringing. Just some crepe paper gathered up and BAM! It turns into an Easter bunny. This Easter piñata is pull-style. Fill it up, hang it up, pull, enjoy.”

Easter egg rockets by The Stem Laboratory

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