Popsicle Recipies

Popsicles are a light and tasty treat to beat the summer heat! Try some of these recipes.

You can freeze just about any drink to make a popsicle. Sugary beverages like Kool-Aid or lemonade are particularly useful. You can pour your drink of choice into an ice tray and cover with saran wrap. Insert a toothpick into each reservoir and then freeze. Once frozen, remove the tray, peel back the saran wrap and flex tray to release the ice. You should be able to pull out the popsicle with the toothpick and enjoy!
You can also use one of these fun molds!
Robot Pop Molds

Cactus Pop Mold

Safari Popsicle Molds

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? Wait till you’ve had it in popsicle form!

Cookie Dough Popsicles by Chocolate Covered Katie

•2/3 cup milk or yogurt of choice
•1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
•1/16 tsp salt
•2 tbsp coconut sugar or brown sugar (You could use stevia, but it won’t have as much of a cookie dough flavor)
•pinch stevia OR 1 1/2 tbsp additional sugar
•1 tbsp mini chocolate chips
Combine all ingredients and stir well. Pour into paper cups or popsicles molds, and freeze. (If you want the chocolate chips to not all sink to the bottom, pour only 1/2 the mixture into each pop mold and freeze, then add the rest and freeze again.)
We already know that lemonade makes excellent popsicles. Chery-limeade is even better!

Cherry-Limeade Popsicles by Lori Lange at

•    1⅓ cups water
•    ⅓ cup granulated white sugar
•    ⅓ cup lime juice, freshly squeezed (about five limes)
•    1 Tbsp maraschino cherry juice
•    Six popsicle molds/sticks
1.    In a small saucepan, heat the water to almost boiling. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar. Keep stirring until dissolved.
2.    Let cool for a few minutes, then transfer to a pourable measuring cup or small pitcher. Stir in the lime and maraschino cherry juices.
3.    Divide the mixture between 6 popsicle molds. Add popsicle sticks and freeze until solid (at least 3 hours). Just before serving, briefly run molds under hot water to release the popsicles

Watermelon is a summer staple, so why not use that favorite flavor in your icy treat?

Watermelon popsicles by Sara Kate

•    4 cups cubed watermelon flesh (about 1 pound, rind removed)
•    1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
•    1 tablespoon honey, optional

1.    Blend the watermelon, lime juice, and optional honey in a blender (or process the melon through a juicer, then stir in the lime juice and honey). Pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a bowl, pressing the fibrous melon with the back of a spoon to extract the maximum amount of juice.
2.    Carefully pour or spoon the juice into popsicle molds and freeze until solid. If using popsicle sticks, insert the sticks when the popsicles are partially frozen.

Healthy fats make for a creamy dessert. Believe it or not, avocado and pear can be a soothing treat for a teething baby.

Baby food popsicles by Kely at The Spunky Coconut

•    2 avocado
•    2 pear (skin removed)
1.    Puree both ingredients
2.    Fill the molds halfway, insert sticks, and freeze.
3.    Soak in hot water for a minute to remove the pops from the mold.

If root beer floats have a special place in your heart, you’ll love them as a popsicle.

Root beer float popsicles by Toni Dash at Boulder Locavore

•    12-14 ounces Root Beer
•    1 1/4 cup Vanilla Bean ice cream, slightly softened
1.Pour a small amount of the root beer into each popsicle mold (the equivalent of approximately 3/4 inch in the mold).
2.Evenly distribute the ice cream between the popsicle molds in spoonfuls.
3.Pour root beer into molds in small amounts allowing the foam to die back before pouring more to fill molds to the top.
4.Cover with lid of popsicle molds. Place a sheet of foil on top of the popsicle mold top and insert sticks (the foil keeps the sticks in place, so they don’t slip into the mold more than desired or float).
5.Freeze until fully frozen. To remove popsicles run molds until hot water for a few seconds and remove.

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