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How and When to Transition to Solid Food

If you’re finally ready to get your little one eating solid food but don’t know where to start, keep reading!

Baby food and formula can be pricy! Luckily, around four to six months, your baby is ready to start exploring the world of solid food. Signs to look for to tell you it’s time to try feeding them something other than mush (sorry Gerber!) include being able to sit up on their own, interest in what you are eating, and a desire to put everything in their mouth.

If your child is doing all of those things, check with your doctor and get the okay to start supplementing their diet.

Now, before you slap a juicy steak in front of your toddler, there are some things you want to do first:

Start by going very slow. Keep the foods you feed baby very simple and see how they react to them, or better yet how their body reacts to them. If the reaction is adverse (diarrhea or vomiting), make a note of this and steer clear of that particular food until you can speak with your child’s doctor.

Don’t ignore nutrition. Who doesn’t love watching a baby enjoy an ice cream cone or a savory piece of bacon? Those foods are great, but you should still be sure to feed your child from the food pyramid. Veggies, fruits, whole grains are vital for the health of your infant.

Pay attention to size and texture. Everything you give your child should be either small enough to swallow easily or too big to fit in their mouth at all. Cut up all foods so that they can be swallowed easily and try to avoid foods that are too hard.

Use utensils. You can introduce utensils at this time, and even let your baby hold their own spoon! But don’t be afraid to let them use their hands and get a little messy as it helps them develop motor skills.

Don’t force it. New things are scary for everyone, so try to encourage your baby to try new foods, but if they aren’t feeling it, leave it alone and try again later. If you find your baby refuses to eat anything new at all, consult their doctor.

Keep breastfeeding or giving them formula. Until your child is 12 months old, they should continue to be fed from the breast or formula.

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