What’s a Summer Slide?

A summer slide sounds like fun, but it can actually be detrimental to your child’s education.

We aren’t talking about the big slide on Belle Isle, a “summer slide” according to the is actually the tendency in students to lose some of the academic achievement they made during their previous school year. This break from school is a tradition that kids have looked forward to for decades, but the drop in retention and development is not worth it. Luckily, you can keep the fun going while avoiding the slide with a little effort.

Here are some subjects you can still cover at home.

Reading: Find books at your local library to read together with your child or try a book challenge where they are rewarded for reading. On long car rides, try listening to audio books and talking about the story later.

Math: Minecraft is not just a fun game for kids but also a great way to teach measurement and other necessary math skills. Check out other games that have educational qualities, so learning stays fun.

Science: Look up easy science experiments you can do at home or take advantage of the Detroit Science Center.

Art: Get creative by drawing, painting, or making something from scratch. A big project like building a treehouse over the summer can be not only fun but also a good way to bond.

History: There are several historical museums in Wayne County for you to take advantage

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