Five Bathroom Products Your Kids will Love

Let’s face it, we all spend a decent portion of our day in the bathroom. Why not make that time a little more enjoyable with some of these products?


Seriously, finding the potty in the middle of the night is hard enough. For little (and big!) humans who also have to aim, it’s even worse. In comes the Illumibowl, the world’s first toilet bowl night light. It comes in several colors and is super easy to install. Think about how much easier cleaning time will be with this baby!


Before you dismiss this one as just another air freshener, it’s not. Poo-Pourri is a spray you use before-you-go, not after the stink is already made. Simply spray Poo-Pourri in the toilet bowl, do your business and Poo-Pourri’s odor blocking shield goes to work blocking those smelly fumes from making the bathroom unbearable. When you’re done, flush as normal and go about your day. Poo-Pourri comes in several scents and sizes, so you can take them on the go.

Press 2 Paste

Is there anything you wouldn’t try that would get your kids to brush their teeth? Well then, check out the Press 2 Paste, the hands-free toothpaste dispenser that keeps your toothpaste mess free and gets out the last drop.


Not being able to reach the sink is not an excuse to not wash your hands! The Aqueduck makes it easy for little ones to keep those hands clean. You can even add a handle extender so they can turn the faucet on and off without needing you!

White Hot Ducks

Getting bath water the perfect temperature is not as easy as it sounds, but it can be with the White Hot Ducks by Munchkin. Simply float one of these cute little duckies in the water and it will automatically measure the temperature of the water. If the water is too hot for your baby (over 104 degrees), it will display the word “HOT,” letting you know that you need to either wait or add more cool water before adding your child.

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