How to Tell People to Not Touch Your Baby

People love touching and kissing babies. However, as a parent, you might not love when folks touch your child without asking. Here are some polite ways to avoid unwanted touching.

Use an excuse:

“She’s really not good with people just yet, so I’d rather just hold her myself.”

Most people will be happy to avoid a squalling child and heed your warning.

Be blunt:

“Please don’t touch my child without asking.”

It may sound very sharp, but you and your child have a right to their personal space.

Don’t be afraid to say no:

“No, you may not pick him up.”

You should be teaching your child how to say no and that even if it hurts someone’s feelings, they don’t have a right to put their hands on someone.

Pull your child away:

You have to act quickly, simply move your child away or put your body in front of theirs when you see someone moving to touch them.

Touch them back:

Sometimes, people need to see how inappropriate their behavior is. If someone pats your child on the head, pat theirs in return.

Be less than subtle:

Get yourself a shirt or onesie for your child that says “hands-off,” or “please don’t touch me.” You may get some raised eyebrows, but the message will be loud and clear.

Sugarcoat it:

“I’m sorry, she doesn’t like being touched, but you’re welcome to say hello.”

There are so many ways to ask someone not to touch your child, and unfortunately, many of them may hurt someone’s feelings, but as a parent, these difficult things just have to be done when it comes to what you want and think is best for your child.

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