Grandparent’s Day Crafts

Celebrating grandparents is such a great family bonding activity. These arts and craft projects are great for the young and young at heart.

Comparison chart

Come up with a handful of categories such as favorite candy bar, popular car, and famous person. This is a very fun activity for grandparents to do with grandchildren to see how things have changed and will help your little one learn a lot more about their grandparent.

Handprint Shrinky Dink Keychains by Michelle at

What you need:

  • Shrink Film
  • Big Multi-color Ink Pad
  • Sparkle Embossing Powder
  • Hole puncher
  • Key rings


  1. Start by placing the shrink plastic on a table.
  2. Have the kids press their hands against a rainbow ink pad.
  3. Have them firmly press it against the plastic.
  4. Over the wet ink, shake embossing powder and tap off excess.
  5. Cut around the edge of the handprint leaving a little space.
  6. Use a hole puncher and make a hole at the top.
  7. Put parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
  8. Bake according to the package directions. (Mine said 325 degrees for 1-3 minutes)
  9. Add charms or key rings!

Fill out a family tree

  1. Have the grandparent pull together as many family photos they can of previous generations.
  2. Print or draw a family tree going back as many generations as needed.
  3. Have grandma or grandpa sit down with their grandchild and talk about each generation starting with themselves and go back as far as possible. Be sure to cover the ancestors name, year of birth if know and any other information about them that the child will understand.
  4. Have the grandchild fill in the family tree as they are learning. If they aren’t old enough to write down notes about their grandparents and great grandparents, encourage them to draw pictures of them to fill in the tree based off of either photos or descriptions.

Handprint Flower Pots by Tracie at

What you need:

  • Terracotta Pot (size depends upon how many handprints you want to include on it)
  • White Satin Spray Paint
  • Decorative paints in colors of your choice
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Clear coat spray (satin finish)


  1. Clean off the pot so there is no dirt or residue on it. Then, lightly spray the entire pot with spray paint.  Allow it to dry between coats.  It may take anywhere from 3 – 4 coats to get good coverage.
  2. Then put paint your kids’ hands and help them place their handprint onto the pot. I painted my kids’ names below each of mine, but you do not need to if you don’t wish.
  3. I added more color by painting small dots around the rim of the pot. You can add any designs or anything you wish to make your pot look original.
  4. Then, add any saying you want. I said “Grandkids are souls in bloom,” but you can put anything you want onto yours.
  5. The last thing I did was paint the year on the inside so they would always remember when they received it.

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