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What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Babies cry. That’s their thing. Sometimes they cry for obvious reasons, and other times, not so much. Here is a list of things to look for and what to do when your baby won’t be quite.

When a baby starts crying, most parents will do just about anything to get them to stop. If the crying has come on unexpectedly (meaning nothing discernible has upset them), check for the following:

Are they hungry? Sleepy? Is their diaper wet or full? Is it too loud or bright where they are? Do they have gas?

These are some of the more common reasons your baby may be crying. If you have checked all of these and are certain they aren’t causing the issue you can try to soothe your baby by gently rocking them and rubbing their back. Try to make soothing noises and hold them tight. Be cautious of rocking them so hard that you shake them. If you are too wound up to rock them gently, ask someone else to help or put them in their crib or swing, or rocking device.

Check your baby’s temperature. If they are running to warm, try to cool them down by removing some layers of clothing or wipe them down with a cool cloth. If they continue to run a temperature, call their pediatrician.

Try different white noises. A hairdryer, the vacuum cleaner, a fan, all of these things make soothing noises that can help lull your child into a calm, relaxed state.

Swaddle them nice and tight. As adults, we don’t like feeling restricted, but babies love it because it reminds them of the womb! Tuck their legs in, and wrap them up nice and tight.

Try giving your baby a massage. That’s right, even infants enjoy a good rubdown! Grab some baby lotion and gently massage your little one. Try moving in slow, circular motions so that the movements help them calm down. Their back and tummy are great places to rub.

Baby’s also need to learn how to soothe themselves. So, if you’ve tried everything and you know there is nothing wrong with your child, feel free to put them in their crib or another safe space while you take a break. Be sure to have a monitor on, even if the volume is turned low so that you can be sure they stay safe.

Draw a warm soothing bath for your cranky baby. Adding relaxing fragrances to the water can also help calm them down. If you don’t feel like running a bath for them, feel free to sit in a shower with them, the steam alone is relaxing. Be sure to sit, so you don’t risk dropping your child.

Try going for a drive. Strap your child into their car seat and drive around the neighborhood for a little while. Be sure only to do this if you are calm yourself. Don’t get behind the wheel if you are too frustrated as it can impact your driving.

Talk to your friends and family who have children. They have probably tried just about every and anything and will be more than happy to share their tips on calming a fussy baby.

If the crying goes on for several hours or happens for extended periods for days at a time or is just particularly worrying, don’t be afraid to call your child’s doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and there could be something wrong that you simply can’t see, but a pediatrician will know how to treat.

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