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Are Gender-Specific Chores Fair?

Boys mow the lawn, and girls wash the dishes. These are common chore assignments in many households. But is it right? 

Gender-specific roles are nothing new, but they continue today more so out of habit than anything else. And although it seems like no big deal, assigning specific jobs to your children based on their sex could do more harm than good. 

Science backs the fact that boys are physically stronger than girls, and girls are typically more detailed oriented than boys. However, are there really any chores around the house that require an enormous amount of strength or focus? A 15-year-old girl is just as able to push a lawnmower as she is a vacuum cleaner, and a boy of the same age can wash a load of laundry. 

In the real world, keeping a home running is not gender exclusive. Boys and girls should practice the same skills growing up so that they can make equal contributions to their own homes as well as not rely on anyone when they are on their own. 

Splitting chores equally among children is also the best way to ensure that no one is tasked with easier responsibilities than another. If each child rotates their duties, this ensures they have equal opportunity to become adept at this particular skill, but also, no one feels overworked. 

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