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What To Do With Too Much Halloween Candy

Ask any child, and they’ll tell you there is no such thing as too much candy. However, if you need a way to get an excess of the sweet stuff out of your house, here are some ideas.

 Trade their candy in for a gift

 This works particularly well for kids who are very reluctant to part with their sweets. The Switch Witch is a tradition you can start in your home where the storybook witch will collect your children’s candy and turn it into a little gift. Swap out all that unhealthy junk for any gift you can imagine. Of course, you don’t have to buy the Switch Witch to exchange your child’s candy for something else; the witch just adds a certain level of fun for very little ones. 

 Bring it to a Buyback program

 Check out a local dentist in your area who buys back Halloween candy to send to deployed military or other charities. Some offices even offer money or other goods in exchange for that extra candy. 

 Take it to work

 Grab yourself a bowl and a bunch of candy and place it out at work for your coworkers to help themselves.

 Reuse it

 With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, having a little candy leftover can come in handy. Try to save the non-themed candy for this purpose. 

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