Alternate Hand-Turkey Art

What child hasn’t done a hand turkey for Thanksgiving? Time for an update to your holiday crafts. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

The holidays are always a good excuse for kids to showcase their creative talents. Here are some crafts they’ll love. 

Table Cloth Art Gallery

Your table could use a little extra love this year. Head to the craft store and pick up some craft paper or butcher paper. Make sure it’s long enough to fit your table. Lay it out and let your children design a place setting for each guest. Kids can be super creative and unique for everyone at the table. 

Grateful Banner

Get some sheets of colorful construction paper and some leaf stencils. Cut out lots of leaves and write down something you’re thankful for on each one. Try to make as many as possible. String all the leaves up into a colorful banner for your doorway. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath by Amber at

A Thanksgiving wreath is sure to amuse your guests. All you need is a foam wreath and tulle in red, orange and brown, a Styrofoam ball and cone, two small Styrofoam balls, acrylic paint in brown, yellow, and black, brown yarn, one red foam craft sheet, toothpicks, and glue. 

Start by painting your Styrofoam, so it has plenty of time to dry. Paint the cone yellow for the beak, the large ball brown for the turkey’s head, and paint one black dot on each of the small balls for his eyes. Allow at least an hour to dry. 

Next, cut your tulle into strips, not too long and not to short. If it’s too long, it won’t fluff out well. If it’s to short, you won’t be able to tie it. There’s no exact number on how many strips you will need because it depends on the size of your wreath. 

Take your brown yarn and begin to wrap it around your wreath. Only wrap about a fourth of the wreath and leave the rest for tulle. Tie your tulle around the wreath alternating colors. 

Stick two toothpicks into your round brown ball, add some glue near the toothpicks and insert the other end of the toothpicks into the wreath in the middle of the part with the yarn. Add a little more glue around the toothpicks insertion point. 

Cut out a snood shape from the red foam sheet. Glue the top of the snood and paste to the center of the turkey’s head. Stick one toothpick into the cone and glue on top of the snood. Do the same thing for the eyes right above the cone. 

To make a hanger for your wreath, you just need to take one extra-long strip of tulle and tie it around the wreath at the top so it creates a closed-loop. And your all done!


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