How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Sledding

This winter tradition is loved by kids and kids at heart. Here are tips on staying safe while having a blast.

While kids are outside having fun, they are not only going to get cold but also slightly wet, which can make them very sick. Be sure to have them wear several layers and that the things closest to their skin are moisture-wicking. A full snowsuit is a beautiful way to ensure snow does not get under their clothes and melt into an uncomfortable mess. You may even want to bring spare socks, gloves, scarves, and hats in case they get damp and need to be replaced. A helmet is also perfectly normal to wear while sledding.

When it comes to choosing a good sled, try to find one designed for your child’s height and weight. You don’t want them sliding down on anything too big or too small. Look for sturdy sleds with good grips.Kids can be overly eager to go down the tallest, steepest hill right away. For very small children, this may not be the best idea, at least not immediately. Have your child start off on a smaller hill until you are confident they are comfortable with handling their sled as well as that they fully understand the rules of the hill. When deciding on a hill, look for one that has plenty of space at the end for them to come to a stop without running into any objects or the street. Also, only sled during daylight with good visibility.

Bring water and snacks, and be sure to take a break if you are out for an extended period of time. Hot drinks in a thermos are wonderful here.
On the hike up the hill, children should know how to carry their sled or have an adult carry it for them. Do not push or pull a sled up a hill, instead hold it at your side. Walk up the side of the hill and sled down the middle. When going down the hill, face forward. Kids can either sit on their bottom with their legs folded under them or with their legs extended in front.
Don’t allow your child to sled too close to others at the same time. Wait until the first person is safely out of the way before another sledder starts.

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