Five Gifts That Aren’t Toys

It’s no secret, kids love toys. But they also love candy and we don’t give them all the candy they want. Think of Christmas gifts like that.


Not dollar bills but savings bonds! The reason these make great gifts is because you can purchase one for any amount you would like and give the gift of money, but at the same time you can teach them the value of saving. Savings bonds are easy to purchase and unlike a savings account, the child can have them in their name alone.

A magazine subscription

There are so many different magazines out there that can benefit a child. From fun to educational. Getting a magazine in the mail every month makes kids feel so grown up, and gives them something to look forward to.

An experience

You can take them on a trip, to a sports game, the movies, or the zoo. Wherever you go, take some pictures and have fun!

A musical instrument

If you’re considering this gift for someone other than your own child, check with their parents first! Not everyone will be thrilled with a noisy instrument for a child. However, learning music is something that is easier when you are young so why not help them get started.

 A subscription

Similar to a magazine subscription, this is a gift that will last a few months long after their Christmas toys have been discarded. You can choose subscriptions that send movies, food, candy, toys, and just about anything else you can imagine. This is a great way to introduce the child to things they may have otherwise never been.


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