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In 1796, French-Canadian soldier and commander of Fort Shelby in Detroit, Jean François Hamtramck, settled the city which would later be named after him in 1827. French citizens mostly from Qubec came and settled the area. By the 1900s, the population was around 500 of mostly German-American farmers. When the Dodge Brothers automobile plant opened in 1914, a large number of Polish immigrants came to the area and by 1910 the population had risen to 3,559.

Hamtramck Village incorporated itself as a city in 1922 to avoid annexation by Detroit, which now surrounds the city. Over time, the city has seen a diverse group of people move in including immigrants from Yemen, Bangladesh, Bosnia, and various other countries. This variety of people has made Hamtrack the most diverse city in Michigan as of 2010.

Places to go:

Hamtramck Disneyland – 12087 Klinger St
Gamers Gallery – 3901 Chrisopher St., Ste D


Pączki Day

Hamtramck Music Festival

St. Florian Strawberry Festival

Hamtramck Labor Day Festival

Fun facts:

Hamtramck won the Little League World Series of Baseball in 1959 and is the only city in Michigan to have won the title.

In 2015, Hamtramck became the first American city to elect a Muslim-majority city council.

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