10 Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

April Fool’s Day doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, it can be a lot of fun for both the pranker and the pranked.

Magic milk

Put a couple drops of food coloring into a bowl and then fill it with cereal. When your victim sits down to pour their milk, it will change color.

Bug in the light

Trace the silhouette of a bug out of thick paper and tape it to the inside of a light shade. Keep the light turned off so that the person who turns it on can be surprised.

Juicy Jello

Fix some Jello in a clear drinking glass. Offer your victim a drink and watch their surprise then they realize this isn’t juice.

A very strange drink

Grab a bottle of Windex and clean it out thoroughly. Once clean, fill with blue Gatorade. Now, pretend to clean a glass surface somewhere around your victim and mention to them how much you love the smell of Windex (who doesn’t), once you know they are looking, spray a little Gatorade into your mouth. To pull this off, you’ll need to be super nonchalant, but the reaction will be well worth it.

Spilled milk

Grab some wax paper and a bottle of white glue. Pour your milk glue in a puddle on the wax paper, allow plenty of time to dry. Once dry, cut the puddle out so that the paper does not show. Now, set your puddle out on a counter and place a glass strategically near so it looks like someone left a mess all over the counter.

Disappointing donuts

Grab a dozen donuts from your local bakery, and ask for an empty box. At home, fill the empty box with vegetables and close it up. Be sure to offer up the real thing quickly to avoid too much breakfast sadness.

Fan party

Cut up some colorful paper into small confetti. Carefully place piles of the confetti onto the blades of a ceiling fan. Once your victim turns on the fan, they will be in for a fun surprise. Be sure to clean this up after.

Walking and popping

Cut a length of bubble wrap to the measurement of a commonly walked upon rug in your home. Place the bubble wrap under the rug and wait for someone to be surprised.

Balloon wake-up

After your victim goes to bed, shut their bedroom door and tape cellophane over around the doorframe and fill the gap with balloons. This only works if the door swings inward, and is less funny if the person gets up for a potty break in the middle of the night, so time it carefully!

Incredibly growing feet

Stuff the toe of your victims shoes with toilet paper and exclaim that their feet must have grown in the night.

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