Making Baby Food from Scratch

How to make your own baby food and why.

Have you ever thought about what’s really in your baby’s food? Try making your own, and you’ll be sure they’re getting only the best.

Besides having total control over the ingredients, many parents opt to make their baby’s food from scratch as a way to save money, introduce their child to more unique tastes and textures, and teach their baby to enjoy non-processed foods. If you want to experience these benefits, you should consult your pediatrician then read below for tips on how to get started.

  1. When you consult your child’s doctor, they should be able to give you advice on what to feed your child to ensure they continue to get all of the nutrition they need. Next, you can make a list of fruit and vegetables to purchase. Feel free to get inspiration from commercial baby food such as the classic “peas and carrots.” Of course, there are also plenty of recipes online.
  2. To prepare some foods you can use what you already have at home, such as a blender or a fork. You may need to acquire some additional equipment such as a dedicated baby-food maker and grinder. You can determine what you need as you find your recipes.
  3. When you buy your produce be sure to choose the best. Try to get fresh and organic when possible and if you are certain you will use it before it goes bad. Frozen is fine as well, just be sure to check the label for anything added that might not be healthy for your baby.
  4. When preparing the food, be sure you have washed everything well. Food should be served to your baby at a temperature no hotter than body temperature. With that being said, be careful of food that has been microwaved due to the uneven way they heat food. You can add seasoning in moderation, but sugar is not needed.
  5. After feeding, be sure to toss any leftovers that have touched your baby’s mouth or spoon. You don’t want to get any bacteria in your leftovers. For other leftovers, refrigerate in airtight containers or freeze. Label and date what you put up so you know when to toss it.
  6. If all of this sounds very easy, that’s because it is! Feeding your child healthy options is not rocket science, and once you get started, you’ll love how much more freedom you have over the nutrition your child receives.

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