Date Night After Having a Baby

Don’t neglect romance! Make time for date night even after the birth of your child.

Every parent has experienced the dry spell that comes into a relationship after the birth of a child. There is so much to do and worry about that it becomes easy to forget about your partner. But making time for romance is still important for every relationship, and there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy each other again.

After you’ve settled on a sitter (if you need tips on selecting one, check out our article on how to choose a babysitter), schedule them for an evening a few weeks in advance and make sure your partner is aware of the date, so there are no last-minute arrangements. When you go out, try not to call in every few minutes to check on your baby. Plan on no more than one call about midway through the evening and leave it at that! Unless this is your sitters first time watching the child, there is no reason to take your attention off your date, instead get into the moment and have fun!

Deciding what to do for your date is totally up to you and your partner. If you just know you won’t be able to think of anything other than your baby for longer than an hour, plan something short and sweet like a dinner to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. After a few more dates that go smoothly and you feel more confident leaving baby at home, you can start to branch out to longer dates, like dinner and a movie or a concert. It may not seem like it at first, but it will get easier. After coming home to see everything is just fine, you will grow more relaxed, and dates will be that much more enjoyable.

Remember, this is a time for you and your partner to get away from all things baby and rekindle your romance. Which means you should focus on each other and limit the baby talk. It’s okay to talk about how much you both love your child and how cute they are but spare any worries or concerns for when you aren’t on a date. If you can avoid talking about your children altogether, that’s even better!

Finally, don’t give up. Not every attempt at a date will be perfect, but you don’t have to let that drive a wedge into your relationship. Work together to find enjoyment in each other and leave all worry at home. Don’t feel guilty, you aren’t a bad parent for leaving your little one at home with a trusted adult. A little fun will help you recover and come back refreshed to be the best mommy and daddy you can be, but only if you take some time just to be yourselves again.

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