Best Sleds for Kids

Sledding is one of kid’s favorite winter activities. Pick the best sled so they can hit the hills in style.

Michigan weather is unpredictable. You almost never know when a big snow will fall. Don’t spend precious time the morning of a snowfall trying to find a suitable sled, instead have one ready so kids can be the first one on their favorite hill and get the smoothest ride.

Zipfy Freestyle

This lightweight sled won’t exhaust your child carrying it back up the hill. Kids ride with their feet in front making it safe and easy to stop, and the handle aids in maneuverability.

Dash Sled

Dash Runnered Sled

Love the look of classic sleds? This one by L.L.Bean is beautiful but also a contender for racing down the hills. The wood is strong and durable, and the front flexes for precise turns.

Railz Snow Scooter


This one is a total blast for going across flat, snow-covered areas and for your braver children, riding down hills as well.


An inner tube is a favorite among many sleders. They are surprisingly durable, and the material makes them glide over snow for a super-fast ride. As a bonus, they can also be used during the summer in your pool or on the lake.

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