Must Have Baby Gear

Looking for the next best thing to make your life a little easier? Check out these great finds!

Baby Shusher

Nothing soothes a wailing baby like white noise. Most parents turn to a hair dryer, but that’s cumbersome. Try the Baby Shusher instead. It works by emitting long, rhythmic shush sounds that interrupt your babies cries and soothes them into contentment. It’s also small enough to take it anywhere.

Little Green Pouch

When it comes to eating on the go, baby food is inconvenient and messy. But Little Green Pouches make it easy to eat and are reusable. Fill the pouch with whatever you want, from baby food to peanut butter, then squeeze it out for them to eat. Save money and the environment.

The Happy Mat

This silicone mat does two things: separate foods and hold your child’s meal in place to minimize messes. It’s available in seven different colors, is easy to wash, and non-toxic. This mat is difficult to knock over, unlike ordinary plates, keeping the food on the plate.


Built up gas makes for an unhappy baby. From the makers of the Snot Sucker comes the Windi by Fridababy to help them pass the gas. Start by rubbing their tummy from top to bottom, or do bicycle kicks to get the gas moving in the right direction. Next, lubricate the Windi so it’s more comfortable and insert carefully. After a few moments, there will be an audible sound of air passing, as your child is relieved. After use, dispose of the Fridababy and use a new one each time. Although it seems somewhat of an odd product, lots of parents swear by it and when your babies uncomfortable and crying, your pretty likely to try just about anything.

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