National Child Health Day October 1st

Don’t let cold and flu season get you down. Check out some home remedies to help soothe your child’s symptoms:

Cold and flu season is arguably harder for parents than anyone else. It’s painful enough suffering yourself but watching your child struggle is even worse. After taking your little one to the pediatrician and following doctors’ orders, there is little more you can do than help ease their symptoms.

Help them rest. Being stuck in bed dampens children’s mood. This is a good time to play games that they can do while sitting or lying down. So break out the Uno and Monopoly or take the time to teach them something new. Keeping them engaged can help take their mind off their cold symptoms. Also, while they are resting, keep their head propped up so mucus can drain.

Add moisture to the air. A humidifier or vaporizer loosens mucus, breaks up congestion and eases the ache of dry nasal passageways. Some humidifiers/vaporizers allow you to add essential oils which not only smell great but depending on which you use, like peppermint for a headache, can offer a level of relief as well.

Get in fluids. Whether they drink juice or eat soup, it’s important to stay hydrated especially if your child is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting. Fluids also thin out mucus making it less of a breathing obstruction. Warm drinks and soups are soothing to sore throats and are easier on an upset stomach than solid food.

Soothe sore throats. There are many ways to help ease the pain of sore throats, but some methods work better for some children than others. You may have to try many remedies before you find one that is best for your child. One option is over the counter cough drops. Be sure to purchase the ones for children and make sure you don’t overdo it on the amount you give them. Another option is a teaspoon of honey. Honey’s thickness coats the throat and helps to relieve cough. Again, don’t overdo this as too much can make your child sick and do not provide it to a child under the age of one as it can cause infant botulism. One more option is to gargle with warm salt water. Just dissolve a little salt in a glass of warm water and have your child gargle, then spit out the solution. This is a favorite remedy among parents because, as long as they are not swallowing the water, they can’t do it too much and its readily available.

No matter how you choose to treat those pesky cold and flu symptoms, be sure to check with your pediatrician to ensure the method is right for your child.

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