Reasons to Put Your Kids in Sports Besides Exercise

It’s no secret that sports are a great way for kids to get their daily dose of exercise. But there are so many other overlooked benefits, and we’re going to point out a few. 

  • Sportsmanship
    This one is a no brainer, in fact, it’s probably the 2nd most applauded benefit of kid sports there is (did someone say “little league?”). But the praise is totally deserved. There are few other aspects or experiences in a child’s life that teaches them how to win with grace and lose with a positive attitude the way playing a sport does. Even sports that are more individually based such as swimming, tennis, or golf, involve winning and losing. Learning how to be a good sport as a child is painless if done through youth athletics. 
  • Meeting other kids
    This benefit is another obvious one, and maybe even the main reason many parents enlist their children in a sport. Of course, kids meet and hang out with other kids in all kinds of places, but there is a special bond between teammates that is not reproduced elsewhere. Kids are also often exposed to people of backgrounds they may not have met; otherwise, this exposing them to different cultures at a time they are most impressionable. 
  • Development of a long term healthy lifestyle
    Learning how to exercise as an adult is no fun. But for children, working out is not only easy but fun, which will translate to a positive outlook on leading an active lifestyle in the future. They may not become the next sports superstar, but even if they continue their sport of choice recreationally as an adult is a positive outcome. 
  • Better listening skills
    No matter what sport your child enrolls in, there is a coaching aspect. And in order to get better, they have to be able to follow the tips given to them as well as any communication between their teammates. This is a valuable life skill they are developing that not many people notice but comes in handy. 
  • Commitment
    Although it is possible to just give up and quit right in the middle of the season (or even a game), it is a lot harder for a child to do so knowing that they will let others down from their teammates to themselves. By sticking with a sport throughout a season and seeing even marginal improvement from it, teaches kids how to finish things they start. 

 You may have to try several sports before one sticks, but once your child finds something they enjoy, it is well worth the effort.

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