Stroller Reviews

If you’re looking for a stroller, you’re in luck because we’ve reviewed some of the best strollers on the market.

3D lite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

When buying everything you need for the arrival of your baby, a stroller is usually at the top of the list. There are so many choices it can become a nightmare when you try to make a choice. The 3D lite Convenience Stroller is a great option for new parents. Its sturdy design stands up to the roughness that comes with parenthood. You will love the easy collapse/unfold mechanism as well as the auto-lock feature that makes loading the stroller into the car a breeze. The strap allows for easy carrying of the stroller back and forth.  Because of the open design, children can recline, which is perfect for a comfortable nap or necessary diaper change. When it comes to storage, there is plenty of room in the large basket underneath and the hook and loop closure pocket on the back. It is also available in seven stylish colors.

Quad Stroller by Inglesina

Some days you want your baby to face you, and other days you want them to see the world. Instead of being married to just one direction or buying two strollers, you can opt for the Quad Stroller by Inglesina. Changing direction isn’t the only moving part on this pram. The handle height can be adjusted up and down to accommodate parents of all heights. Folding up the stroller and reclining the seat is simple with their patented folding system. The large ball bearing wheels absorb shocks, which allows it to go smoothly over bumpy terrain ensuring your little one rests undisturbed. The wheels also offer stabilization making it difficult to tip over and pushing is much less of a strain. There’s a small back window so that you can peak in and see your child at any time. It also comes with a removable foot wrap for those cold winter days.

DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller by Graco

Many families have been forced to buy a separate stroller when they have a new baby or have their oldest forgo the stroller altogether and walk instead of ride. The DouGlider Click Connect Double Stroller by Graco solves this problem. Unlike other heavy two-seaters, you don’t have to sacrifice ease of use to accommodate your babies since this stroller is light and equipped with one-hand, standing fold and storage latch for quick/easy stowing. Because of the stadium-style seating, the child sitting in the rear is slightly raised and able to look out into the world instead of at the back seat of their sister or brother in front of them. Both seats feature a multi-position recline, have a child’s tray, rotating canopy and footrest. The front wheels not only lock but swivel for easier turning. Parents will love the extra-large storage basket and parent’s tray with two cup holders.

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