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Are You Spoiling Your Children?

Everyone has a different opinion of what spoiling a child means. But there are some behaviors most people can agree are downright rotten.

Spoiled, when referring to children often means that the child has been allowed to exhibit a negative behavior with no correction, and people often attribute bad behavior to a child being spoiled. However, there can be a lot of reasons for a child to misbehave besides being spoiled. Sometimes they throw a fit because they are sleepy, or they talk back because they saw a friend do it, but if the behavior is constant and not checked by a parent then that child might be spoiled.

Behaviors of spoiled kids:

Refuse to follow directions- If you have to tell your child to do something several times and they may or may not actually do it, they probably don’t believe there are consequences for not listening.

Not helpful- Children who don’t offer to help when they see you or someone else needs it may just not be very thoughtful, but if you’ve told them to be helpful in the past and they choose to ignore it, they are spoiled.

Bossy- Sometimes kids are bossy to each other, that’s not to unusual but still not very nice. But when a child gets bossy with a grown up, you have a problem on your hands.

Temper tantrum- Spoiled kids always get what they want. And if they are told no, they simply throw a fit and are usually rewarded with the very thing they wanted in the first place.

Work free- kids that are old enough to help out around the house but don’t are typically spoiled. Now, even if you can afford to pay someone to do the work, kids should still have some form of responsibility especially to clean up after themselves.

To much say- Did your child tell you what to cook for dinner, or what they will be wearing? Giving them a choice in things can be great for developing character, but when they tell you flat out how something is going to be, a line has been crossed.

Overreactions- Minor upsets cause catastrophic reactions in spoiled children. The smallest thing can set them off.

Always bored- Sometimes kids get bored, but a child who demands attention constantly is probably spoiled.

Never satisfied- Maybe you bought your child a cupcake, a spoiled child will refuse to eat it because it’s not big enough, or the right color.

Bad manners- Even very shy children should say please and thank you.

Stingy- Kids who are spoiled aren’t expected to share.

Violent- This may be one of the worst behaviors that spoiled children exhibit, but if they resolve conflicts with violence, they haven’t been taught the proper way to deal with their emotions.

Last word- As the adult, your word is final. Children who refuse to let you have the last word, or always have something to say back, are spoiled.

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