Tips to Make Mornings Easier

Getting ready for the day with kids versus no kids is two completely different experiences. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Try these tips to make things a little easier!

Set a strict bedtime and stick to it

A great morning needs a good foundation. Make sure that your kids get plenty of sleep. The younger they are, the longer they should sleep. Be sure to get plenty of sleep yourself, so you’re fully prepared to handle a fully rested child in the morning!

Dress to impress with less stress

Lay out kids clothes for the next day or for the entire week. Check the weather forecast to help you decide what your kids should wear, then make sure everything is clean and ironed. Put these clothes in a designated place so they are easy to access in the morning.

Meal prep

You can easily pack your kids lunch a minimum of one day ahead, but did you know you can also meal prep breakfast? Premix pancake mix, make overnight oats, or measure out bowls of cereal into ziplock bags, whatever it is your kids eat in the morning, have it as ready as possible the night before so that you can zip through it in the morning.

Give your kids some responsibility

The younger children are, the harder it can be to get them ready in the morning. But sometimes, we give kids less credit then they deserve. Try giving your kids more responsibility in the morning and try to let them do simple tasks on their own so you can focus on other tasks. Simple jobs kids can start to do on their own are brushing their own teeth, getting their clothes on (if not buttoned and laced), and putting their lunch in their bag. Responsibility not only shrinks your morning burden but empowers kids and encourages them to not be so sluggish in the morning.

Stagger wake up times

Not only will you have more people crowding around waiting for the bathroom, but this also helps you get organized. Maybe the older kids can help with the younger ones, or at least get out of the way while you get them ready.

Better wake-ups lead to better days

Gentle wake-ups are a great way to get the day started. No one wants to wake up to a bright light, or covers being ripped off. Try cuddling with your kids for a few minutes before it’s time to get up. This will help put them in a better mood and are less reluctant to get up. Plus, you can spend a little more quality time with them, and who doesn’t want that?

Turn of the screens

Limit screen time in the morning that means no TV and no phones. It’s too easy to get caught up in technology and for precious time to slip away while you are watching tv or playing with your phone. If everyone is ready to go and breakfast has been eaten, either adjust your sleep time so you wake up later, or spend the time talking, saying daily affirmations, or get everything ready for the evening when you come home.

Music to their ears

Use music to get everyone in the mood. Upbeat music can be played to get everyone in a good mood, and if the tempo is a little fast, can also encourage people to get their buts moving faster.

You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready

Finally, be prepared. Sometimes, no matter how close you stick to your routine or how much planning you do, things will go wrong or be forgotten. Have an emergency bag in your car for some common issues you might encounter, things like travel-sized mouthwash, hair ties, snacks, and socks are great things to keep in there. As you encounter new issues, add them to the bag so if Billie forgot to put on deodorant, pick up a travel-sized deodorant to keep with you.

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