How To Declutter Toys

Although your children may feel differently, there is such a thing as too many toys. Here are some tips on what to do with them.

 First of all, how do you even know if your child has too many toys? Well, only you can really know this but a good rule of thumb is when you start running out of room for them all or when your child actually forgets they own certain toys.

One of the first things you can do is sweep though all of your children’s toys and get rid of everything that’s broken or that they have grown out of. Recycle or toss the broken things and anything they are too old for you can try to sell or donate. Another important tip, be sure to remove the trash and donations from the house asap, to avoid kids going back in and rescuing their old buddies.

Next, figure out what toys your child has too many of. For example, they don’t need 20 dolls, seven boxes of puzzles, or 13 types of building materials. Try to separate toys into like piles, then you can see better what can be whittled down.

To avoid very angry children, get them involved! Have them put aside toys they just don’t want to part with. If your child is one that wants to keep everything, feel free to set a limit.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff your kids have, get contained by designating a specific place for toys. If you want to have just one bin or an entire closet, do it and make sure that everything you are keeping fits in there.

Once you have your toys down to a manageable pile, consider rotating toys to help keep things fresh for your children. Read how to do that here.

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