50 Random Activities for Bored Children

What parent hasn’t been told “I’m bored,” at least once in their life? Well, have your child pick a number between one and 50, and presto! They now have something to do.

  1. Make some puppets and put on a puppet show
  2. Turn a rock into a paperweight
  3. Make popsicles. All you need is an ice tray and a sweet drink
  4. Write a letter to a family member
  5. Blow bubbles
  6. Teach a younger sibling something
  7. Draw a family portrait
  8. Make a scavenger hunt
  9. Invent a board game or new sport
  10. Do 50 jumping jacks
  11. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  12. Invent a new dance
  13. Have a water balloon/gun fight
  14. Make an obstacle course
  15. Ride your bike
  16. Alphabetize your books
  17. Make a music video to your favorite song
  18. Make a bird feeder
  19. Take a bubble bath
  20. Make origami
  21. Paint the sidewalk with water
  22. Make ice cream
  23. Make a pet rock, or several
  24. Learn a magic trick
  25. Make a nature collage
  26. Finger paint
  27. Have a family photo scavenger hunt by looking for specific people
  28. Make doll clothes or build a house for action figures
  29. Build a fort
  30. Make mud pies
  31. Set up a lemonade stand
  32. Play dress up
  33. Tie dye a shirt
  34. Write a song or poem
  35. Give your pet a bath
  36. Boll indoors with plastic bottles and a ball
  37. Draw a self portrait
  38. Practice yoga
  39. Write a sequel to a favorite movie or a spinoff to a favorite show
  40. Make a collage out of magazines
  41. Try a new hairstyle
  42. Pretend the floor is lava
  43. Invent a new snack
  44. Read a chapter or more of a book
  45. Press flowers
  46. Invent your own country
  47. Play hide and seek
  48. Make and fly a kite
  49. Play hopscotch
  50. Play in the sprinkler

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