Alternate Halloween Activities

For families that don’t celebrate Halloween, there are a ton of fun activities to do instead.

October seems to have become the spookiest month of the year in America. Even so, many families don’t celebrate Halloween for various reasons. But when kids see their peers participating in typical activities like trick-or-treating and going to haunted houses, it can be difficult to entertain them in a way that doesn’t involve those things.

But, rest assured, there are still plenty of alternative Halloween activities you can enjoy.

If you want to decorate but don’t particularly like the look of ghouls and goblins, focus instead on the beauty found in nature. Fall is one of the most attractive seasons in Michigan, and you can let that beauty inspire your décor. Fake leaf garlands and wreaths can be found in most stores. A cheerful scarecrow brightens up the yard, and carving pumpkins can be done in so many unique and creative designs.

Instead of dressing up in scary costumes, why not have children dress up as their inspirations. Get creative for kids who want to be astronauts or chefs. Don’t just make it about pretending, but spend time reading about what interests your child and maybe have them discuss why they admire who they are imitating.

Hayrides and corn mazes are open for a few weeks before and even after Halloween and are a lot of fun for the entire family. As long as you go during the day, most places aren’t very spooky. You can also check out one of the many cider mills Michigan has to offer.

Instead of trick-or-treating, why not give back to your neighborhood. Make up gift baggies and go around door to door passing them out. The pleased reaction from unsuspecting neighbors teaches your children the value of giving. Alternatively, you can do something nice for your older neighbors who could use a helping hand raking leaves. This can be a fun activity for your family, and also helps someone who might otherwise struggle to do so.

Try making a special treat for the holiday. Pick out various recipes for your children to choose from and let them help out in the kitchen making it. Whether it’s something simple like candy apple slices or more complex like pumpkin pie, this is an activity that will create lasting memories and gives kids something sweet to enjoy in lieu of all that Halloween candy.

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