Activities for a Rainy Day

Nothing spoils a day like a downpour of rain. Luckily, it doesn’t have to! Check out some of these wireless activities to keep your little ones busy.

  1. Try a science experiment! Even during summer vacation, it’s important to exercise children’s minds. One experiment you can do is teach your child about what happens to different materials when they get wet. Grab a piece of fabric, something metal, plasic, paper, wood and cardboard. Talk about what you think will happen to these items when you leave them in the rain. Put the items outside and leave them for an hour or two. Bring them back inside and invite your child to touch them. How did the items change or stay the same? And why? For other experiments, see our post here for easy science experiments you can do at home. See how Jill Riley did this over at
  2. Play a round of golf! Get a box, cut holes of various sizes out, then take turns trying to put a ball into them. You can set different points for different holes and compete to see who gets the most.
  3. Make a snack! Being stuck inside is a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen. Check out our post on easy meals kids can prepare here.
  4. Play Tic-Tac-Toe! A little paper tape, paper plates and a marker can you can set up your own giant game of tic-tac-toe. See it in action at
  5. Make a custom car track! All you need to do for this one is grab some paper tape and get creative with laying out a track for little ones to drive their toy cars over. You can tape the floor, walls, and even up furniture!
  6. Play Skee Ball! Two laundry baskets (or more), a couple of cardboard boxes and some pit balls are all you need to bring this popular arcade game to your house. First, tape the baskets together so that they don’t slide apart and label them with a point worth in amounts increasing the further away they are. Next, take one box and cut the top and one side off. Then line a smaller box inside to create a ramp. Now your kids can launch balls off the ramp and into the baskets for points. Sarah at can show you how!

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