How Dads can Help Postpartum

Back rubs and going out at all hours of the night to pick up crazy food cravings was just the beginning of helping out. Here are some ways dad can help out postpartum.

Change diapers

If this is your first experience caring for a baby, learn how to change a diaper. Also, learn how to give your child a bath and take care of all of the other hygiene needs the baby has.

Feed her

There is a good reason that people used to bring meals over whenever a baby was born. The last thing a mom recovering from giving birth wants to do is prepare a meal for the family. Even if you aren’t the best cook you can make simple dishes that will mean a lot to her, or there’s always take out.

Give her a little extra affection

Most people expect mom to be nurturing and open with her love, but don’t forget she needs a little attention too. Make time to cuddle and remember the reason you have your bundle of joy in the first place.

Pay attention to her mood

Caring for a fussy baby along with unusual hormones can make mom feel like she’s at the end of her rope. Step in any time you see her getting overwhelmed and offer to give her a break. Be careful not to make her feel like she can’t handle it on her own, instead ask if you can help and see what she wants you to do.

Watch and feed the baby

Offer to watch the baby while she takes care of personal needs like eating or showering. This is also a great time to feed the child if you are using expressed breastmilk or formula.

Keep her hydrated while she is breast-feeding

Breast-feeding is a lot of work and she may forget to drink enough water. Bring her some water to ensure she avoids symptoms of dehydration.

Give her time away from home

It’s good for mom to get out of the house, especially to be around other people. Offer to hold down the fort for her to have a date with some girlfriends. You can pay for everything  to help encourage her to leave. If she really does not feel ready to go out, offer to invite her friends over.

Buy her some new clothes

Chances are good her maternity clothes (and maybe even her pre-maternity clothes) no longer fit. And even if they do fit, having some new clean clothes can feel amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable buying her clothes, use this as an opportunity for her to get out of the house with some cash to buy new digs.

Let her talk

A lot of what goes into making and bringing a human being into this world is painful and uncomfortable to talk about. Sometimes moms just need to vent about what they went through during the delivery and how her body was effected postpartum. Much of it may be hard to listen to but do your best and stay as positive and encouraging as possible.

Clean the house

No one feels comfortable living in a messy home. Pitching in on the maintence of the home can be a big relief to mom and it’s one less thing she has to worry about. If you don’t feel like you can take on the load yourself, hire a cleaner temporarily if you can afford it or do as much as you can. Also, you wont believe how many how-to videos you can find on Youtube, including how to do laundry and how to mop.

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