5 Products That Make Your Drive Easier

Is driving with kids a hassle? It doesn’t have to be! Check out some of these products that are making it a little easier!

A tablet holder

Seriously, what kid didn’t want their parents to have one of those cars with the TV in the headrest? Well, watching their favorite videos on the go just got easier with this universal backseat headrest mount for your tablet. The holder fits most tablets between seven and 12 inches.

The Drop Stop

There’s a good reason Lori Greiner invested in this company on Shark Tank. It’s amazing! Instead of dropping things in the abyss between your car seat and the arm rest. Not only does this stop you from getting junk stuck to be found months later, it keeps you safe because you never have to reach for fallen items again!


Listening to great stories on the go can keep kids distracted for much longer than you might expect. A great, cost efficient alternative is listening to narrated books on YouTube.

The Gyro Bowl

Kids love snacking, maybe even more than you love keeping your car clean. Enter the Gyro Bowl! It’s this cool bowl designed to turn 360 degrees so that it’s always upright. This little gadget helps even the messiest child keep their food in the bowl, ensuring you aren’t finding petrified cereal and other snacks later.

A baby car mirror

Being able to see your babies face while your driving is super important. Install the Enovoe Baby Car Mirror and being able to see that precious bundle of joy just got easier.

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