More Hobbies for Children

Do you need something to keep your kids busy and off of technology? Try a hobby!

Collect free things

For very small children, rocks, feathers, leaves, buttons… anything they can easily find and doesn’t cost anything is perfect.


Reading is such a great way to pass the time! It helps children develop language skills and broadens their imagination.

Star gaze

Looking up at the night sky and learning about outer space is a ton of fun. It might even turn into a career one day.

Make their own dolls

Paper dolls are very retro, and kids can get free cut outs online and then work their way up to designing their own.


How do you think Tiger Woods got started? Young! Try put-put to gauge their interest and then get them started in golf lessons.

Learning about family

Kids may need little help from an adult for this one. Children can chart their family tree. Start with knowledge from living relatives and then, to go further try online genealogy services. This is not only fun, but kids can learn a lot about themselves this way.

Get a pet

If you aren’t thrilled about your child having a dog or a cat, consider a small animal that requires little upkeep like a gerbil or a fish. This is one of the best ways to teach your children responsibility and playing with their new friend can give them something to do.

Practice magic

Sleight of hand and card tricks are a ton of fun, though not many kids get into it anymore. YouTube is a great, free way for kids to learn some easy magic tricks.


Cheap disposable cameras are a great way to get kids started, just be sure to get them developed or they will quickly loose interest! As a bonus, kids can find creative ways to collect or display their favorite shots.

Get a job

Obviously this one is geared for kids old enough to work, but for little ones, they can do things around the neighborhood like rake leaves, walk dogs, wash cars, carry groceries, you name it! Of course, they can also make a little money.

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