Life Skills You Should Teach Your Child

As curriculums change, the responsibility for teaching children everyday things is shifting towards parents. But how do you know what you need to teach? We’ve composed a list to help you out!

Address an envelope – In a word of instant message and email, this is an easy lesson many parents overlook.

Cursive – Although a lot of people feel that cursive is going the way of the dinosaur, it has its merits. Besides good penmanship, writing in cursive stimulates the brain, which leads to increased comprehension. At the very least, children should be able to read cursive and have a legible signature.

Write a check – Very few people still utilize checks and registries, preferring the convenience of plastic. However, checks still have a place in our world, albeit infrequently. Many companies still prefer checks to pay bills, and checks are still one of the most reliable ways to pay for services. Don’t forget to teach your child how to endorse and deposit a check.

Read time – You might be surprised how many kids (and adults) cannot accurately read an analog clock. But when you think about it, digital clocks are everywhere, and most of us have transitioned from wearing a watch to using our cell phones. Even when parents do teach their kids to read a clock, they struggle with terms like “quarter till” or “half past.” Take a little extra time to teach your children how to read it.

Automobile upkeep – This one can wait until they start driving, but it’s valuable to know the basics of taking care of a car. The most important aspects are how to give a car a jump start, how to change a tire, how to fill a tire with air, replace windshield wipers, how to keep up with things like oil changes and tire rotation, and how to call for service.

Simple meals – Not every child is going to enjoy cooking, but knowing how to make simple dishes is a skill they can choose to build upon or not according to their tastes.

Make appointments – Pretty standard, after learning how to manage a schedule, kids should know how to make their own doctors and dentist appointments.

Shake hands – A firm grip with the left hand while making eye contact, that’s the formula for a good handshake.
This list could go on for quite a while, but this is undoubtedly a good start.

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