Dealing with Bed Wetting

Enuresis, or bedwetting, is much more common than people think. Luckily, for most kids, they grow out of it pretty quickly. Here are some tips to help you get through the time. 

Bedwetting can be caused by a multitude of issues; one of the most common is just that your child’s bladder has not fully developed. Avoid shaming your child when it happens to them, because eventually, as long as no other issues persist, they will grow out of it. 

  • Limit nighttime drinking to an hour before bedtime. Also, make sure kids take a trip to the potty right before tucking in. 
  • Use pull-ups to help clean up at night if your child responds negatively to wearing something other than big girl/boy undies than consider waterproof mattress pads or sheets. 
  • Put a nightlight in the bathroom. Kids are often afraid of the dark, and a light can make them feel a little more comfortable leaving their bed. 
  • Have your child clean up their mess. It may seem like a punishment, but really it teaches them to be responsible and may encourage them to be more cognizant of their nighttime needs.  
  • Set nighttime alarms. An alarm set to wake your little one up mid-way through the night can help them get up and void their bladder before they have a chance to wet the bed. 
  • Reward dry nights. Something as simple as a gold star or a sticker makes a successful night something to aim for. This can also be helpful for tracking if the bedwetting is becoming less frequent. 

 As with any concern, feel free to consult your child’s doctor if you think there is something unusual about your child’s bedwetting. It never hurts to get a professional opinion. 

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