How to Break a Nail Biting Habit

Nail-biting is a gross nervous habit, and a good way to spread germs. Here are some ways you can get your kids to stop.

One of the first steps into breaking any habit is to identify what triggers it. Does your kid bite their nails when they’re nervous, excited, or maybe scared? Whatever the reason is, knowing what causes it can help you curb it before it even gets started.

After recognizing what triggers your child’s nail-biting habit, try to help redirect their attention. Try to distract them with something else to take their mind off whatever has them pulling those fingers towards their mouth. The distraction will preferably be something that keeps their hands busy, maybe even dirty like playing with finger paint!

Alternatively, if you can’t keep their hands busy, keep their mouth occupied. Gum comes in handy here, just be careful not to overdo it!

Putting something gross on their nails is an old remedy, but not everything is safe. Aloe vera is a save plant to ingest, and the juice is bitter enough to get kids to pull their fingers away very quickly! For little girls, a nice manicure can deter them from biting because they will want to keep them nice. For little boys, you can cut their nails short enough not to be attractive to bite.

A final option would be to cover your child’s hands so they can’t get to them. Gloves or even band-aids are the most reliable tool here, band-aids especially because you can go finger by finger until they have learned not to bite any of their fingernails.

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